Direct-To-Consumer: Cutting out the middleman

Wholesalers, retailers and consumers.

The line between them has historically been clear.

But with the advent and growth of e-commerce in Australia comes a tremendous opportunity for wholesalers, suppliers and/or distributors to hip, skip and jump of the retailers and sell directly to the consumers and claim higher profit margins because they are effectively paying below local wholesale price for the product range.

The concept is not new, but many wholesale, supply and distribution companies who dabble in this area run into difficulties.

Here are some common issues:

  1. The company suddenly grows a new IT division – a team looking after the website and completing various online marketing initiatives. Costs start to balloon, communication between the technology people and commercial managers runs into difficulties and the ultimate return on investment (ROI) is negative because costs are high and sales are low.
  2. Wrong technology is chosen at the start, customised extensively and demands specialist technicians to maintain, adding extensively to the long term expense.
  3. Lack of marketing. You can build the prettiest, most wonderfully functioning website in history. But if your customers have no way of finding you, sales will never grow.

Sharp Web recognised these recurring issues with various direct-to-consumer initiatives and devised a flexible solution to get wholesaler businesses online rapidly and selling to consumers successfully.

We are dedicated to Magento, which is the most popular, scalable enterprise-level e-commerce platform available. It allows you to start small and grow big; and is designed to be integrated and customised to meet all requirements.

Our process is to gather your requirements, create a plan which prioritises pre-launch and post-launch developments sensibly, build and test your new online store using only the finest Magento developers and provide ongoing support and enhancements long term.

Prior to launch we will refer you to a trusted SEO / SEM company who have a track record of delivering fantastic sales boosts to online stores all over Australia. We specifically do not provide this service ourselves and believe that there should be a separation between your online marketing service provider and your technical support and development provider.

For more information on how we can help kick-start your D-T-C plans, feel free to email us at


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